Since that fateful day I have probably taken over 100,000 photos both film and digital, studied all types of art and genres of photography, and learned to develop my own film in the dark room. My first official class was in college on an exchange program to Long Island University in Brooklyn, NY where I studied under a professional photographer in my architectural photography class where we studied the city of New York and the architectural history of the city through photography. 

It wasn’t until I became a mother that I knew it was what I wanted to do full time. At the time I was working in the finance district for an annuity and retirement company, which I loved, but I wasn't passionate about. And when I had my first son. I wanted to do something I was more passionate about. Something I could set my own hours, be more flexible, maybe even take him to if need be. And the only thing I knew I was passionate about and that would meet all the other needs was photography.

So one day my husband and I sat down and talked about what I was going to do when the kids get into school. And that is when he said now is the time to start my own business. That way by the time they get into school full time, it would be up and running so I can set my own hours, be flexible with my time, and really focus on the things I love. So we made the plunge. And have never looked back!

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Hey guys,

I’m Miranda, the one behind the camera and I’m so excited to see you found my page! And even more excited to share my love for photography with you.

But first a little history so you know you can trust my work.

I picked up my first camera at the age of 9, it was a 35mm film camera I saw at a yard sale with my grandma. I can still remember asking her to borrow the 50 cents to buy it. That was the day my passion for capturing the worlds beauty on film began and before I knew it I had a bag full of film that needed developed and pictures that needed to be picked up at the local Rite-aid.


the most states we've visited in a 9 day vacation-DRIVING!

For us, family comes first. It's our main inspiration in this journey we're on, and we absolutely love connecting with others who share the same outlook on life. When I started Inspire Me Photography, it was because I wanted something I was passionate about and something that allowed me time at home with my boys. And my husband wanted me to do something that made me happy and he knew if it involved sending my boys back to daycare and going back to my corporate job in the Finance District I wouldn't be truly happy. 
So he gave me the Green Light to photograph all of you! 

Before I hear all about you and your family, let me tell you about mine! My husband and I met back in 2013, in the only way two busy adults do these days, online of course! Thank you! He was super old school, but that is to be expected since he is a tad older than me, so we did the whole courting thing, then dated, then a long engagement then we got married in the most gorgeous ballroom I've ever seen. And then we became a family of 4! Yup, I inherited my first two beautiful children from his first marriage. Since then we've had two more. Those two, I call "The Crazy Banshee" he's the 4 year old that's the size of a 6/7 year old and my "Big Bambino," he's 2 now, but bigger than most 3/4 year old's. 


Photos i've probably  taken over the years


times we've been out of this country together

years we've been together


My Fairytale Love 

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